Recycling to Sustain Our Natural Resources
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Battery Recycling


  • INMETCO is the only facility in North America that provides thermal recovery for nickel-cadmium batteries, the technology that the U.S. EPA has determined to be BDAT (Best Demonstrated Available Technology) for cadmium disposal. INMETCO recycles large industrial cells that are used by railroads, electric utilities, the military and telecommunication companies for back-up power as well as small nickel-cadmium cells that are used in transceivers, portable power tools and appliances, medical equipment and emergency lighting systems.
  • The most important development in the area of nickel-cadmium battery recycling at INMETCO was the installation of the new cadmium recovery plant that came on line in December 1995.
  • Cadmium reclaimed from this new operation will be eventually returned to nickel-cadmium battery manufacturers. The nickel and iron become part of the remelt alloy that is used to make stainless steel. The battery electrolyte is used as a reagent in the facility's wastewater treatment plant. Natural resources are recycled - not landfilled, and this eliminates landfill liability for customers.
  • The metal components of nickel-cadmium batteries are completely recycled at one, fully permitted site in the U.S. This promotes good environmental stewardship of spent nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • In addition to nickel-cadmium batteries, other types of batteries accepted by INMETCO include: nickel-iron, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and mercury-free zinc carbon (also know as Carbonaire).
  • INMETCO is the recycling facility for the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). The RBRC's mission is to promote recycling of rechargeable batteries in the US.
  • INMETCO provides a "pre-paid battery recycling program". This convenient program provides boxes for the shipment of small quantities of nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, alkaline, sealed lead acid and lithium ion batteries. Boxes can be ordered using the order form provided HERE.
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