Recycling to Sustain Our Natural Resources
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Welcome to  INMETCO is a leading recycler of metal-bearing wastes in North America.  We are a Horsehead Holding Corp. and are located in Ellwood City, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We recycle thousands of tons of nickel, chromium, iron, molybdenum and cadmium bearing wastes annually. Award-Winning Battery Recycling Programs

INMETCO is the only facility in North America that provides thermal recovery for nickel-cadmium batteries.

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Inmetco Services Frequently Asked Questions
  • Direct Reduced Iron
    The INMETCO process can be used to produce direct reduced iron from carbon steel wastes that would otherwise be landfilled.
  • Battery Recycling
    INMETCO recycles numerous battery types, including nickel-cadmium batteries. The cadmium metal produced is recycled directly to the battery manufacturers.
  • Recycling Services for Plating and Finishing
    Nickel and chrome bearing liquids and solids generated from plating and other finishing operations can be safely recycled by INMETCO.
  • Stainless Steel Waste Recycling
    Flue dust, swarf, millscale and other wastes generated in the production of stainless steel and stainless steel products are easily handled by INMETCO.
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Q: What are the Advantages of the Inmetco Process?

A: By recycling your waste through INMETCO you:

(1) end your landfill liability,

(2) conserve natural resources, &

(3) eliminate potential sources of pollution.

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